International rules and regulations for the operation of commercially registered ships over 500 GRT have evolved massively over the past two decades. ZUCKER & PARTNER has been involved with these rules for years during technical management tasks on several vessels, and during the building supervision of various superyachts. Most of these codes apply to yachts just as to other commercial vessels. The subject three all require a dedicated and certified shore-based company, which acts as responsible contact for all matters in relation to the operation of the vessel: The rules of the ISM code (International Safety Management) were set up to enhance the safety of navigation, crew, passengers, the vessel and the maritime environment. The ISPS code (International Ship and Port Facility Security) was set up to regulate security issues, such as defence against piracy, terrorism, stowaways and similar threats. The MLC (Maritime Labour Convention) as youngest of the elements was composed only in 2006 and regulates statutory demands in regard to employment of professional seafarers on vessels, such as mandatory times of work and rest, contractual relationship between seafarer and employer or accommodation requirements. All three codes require a thorough preparation of documentation, which will be audited and certified by the vessel’s flag state.


Stefan ZUCKER & PARTNER GmbH has been in the yachting business for more than 25 years and offers a wide array of services. We have been certified as company to act as shore-based office for ISM, ISPS and MLC purposes for red ensign flags. We deliver the full scope of supply during setting up documentation and operation of the vessel, act as holder of the Document of Compliance for ISM and provide the Company Security Officer (ISPS) and Maritime Labour Officer (MLC). Our Designated Person Ashore is available 24/7 by telephone for the crew and flag state. Reliable, simple and traceable exchange of documents is set up digitally via a dedicated cloud server hosted by ourselves. Furthermore our experienced technical staff and network enables us to provide direct technical assistance to the crew in case of regular maintenance and breakdowns of equipment on board. Notwithstanding the above, we offer surveys, building and refit supervision, yacht management, registration assistance and act as owner's representative.